Artificial Intelligence

Berlin: Germany’s Premier Port of Call for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) in Berlin has grown from being just a buzzword to become one of the key movers on the tech scene. Today over 50 percent of AI start-ups and nearly 30 percent of established companies with an AI business model are located in the German capital region. In Berlin’s scientific institutions over 50 professors are conducting world-class research on the manifold applications fields the technology can be used in.

What is artificial intelligence? Defining the technology

AI systems analyse huge volumes of data with self-learning algorithms in real-time and with an astounding degree of precision. And they do this both with images and textual data sets. Before actual operations, IT specialists feed the algorithms with training data that show them what is to be seen on the image and what text modules are needed. In this way algorithms can recognise patterns in other data sets and carry out certain activities.

Berlin the capital of artificial intelligence

Berlin is one of Europe’s most important hubs for AI. This has been shown by the Study Artificial Intelligence in Berlin and Brandenburg conducted by the Technology Foundation Berlin which found that in 2018 the group of AI companies in Berlin – most of which were start-ups – employed over 5000 specialists and had an aggregated turnover of over 500 m EUR. Most of the young companies and start-ups develop applications in the fields of Business Intelligence/Process Management (36 percent), Health Intelligence (10 percent) and Mobility and City Intelligence (9 percent). In future, Merantix’s Company Builder which founds AI start-ups, and gives them the professional know-how and venture capital needed to turn them into tomorrow’s unicorns will further growth of the Berlin AI scene.

Many AI start-ups began life as spin-offs from Berlin research establishments, universities and colleges – and particularly from the Leibniz and Fraunhofer institutes which have a long and distinguished record of research in AI in Berlin. At the Free University of Berlin’s Dahlem Center for Machine Learning and Robotics numerous working parties are researching application fields of artificial intelligence such as autonomous vehicles. The Beuth-Hochschule has its own Research Center Data Science and even offers an AI-specific Bachelor of Science degree in Humanoid Robotics. In January of this year, two Centers of Excellence in AI at the Technical University of Berlin fused to become the Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD) with a research focus on big data and machine learning. And in early March the AI Observatory began work in Berlin investigating the impact artificial intelligence is having on work and society. The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence also has a project office in Berlin.

The AI events in Berlin provide a forum where experts can meet, exchange ideas, and network. In 2018 DEEP TECH’s Berlin campaign partner Taival initiated its series of AI Monday Berlin events. The Deep Berlin initiative of the HELLA Group organises meetups, conferences, hackathons and Deep Science events several times a year on the various sectors and application areas of artificial intelligence. Other highlights on the Berlin calendar of events around AI include the Data Natives, the Rise of AI, the Qurator Conference, the Bitkom Big-Data.AI Summit and the Chatbot Summit.

Artificial Intelligence: Campaign Partners’ Projects

Many of DEEP TECH’s Berlin campaign partners are developing AI-based solutions and products. Trevisto’s AI Stater Packet is a great help to companies not yet quite certain about whether they should implement AI. Companies can automate their customer support services with Chatbots from Solvemate. Equally innovative award-winning is the EPIC System from Gestalt Robotics which uses data-efficient AI technology to identify single objects from collections of thousands and thus optimises the warehouse supply chain. And yet another prime example of the uses to which AI may be put is the Artificial Muse from Birds on Mars which is the world’s first inspirational AI giving a Berlin artist new impulses for his creative work.

If you want to keep up-to-the-minute with the latest news about projects, research, events and initiatives on artificial intelligence in Berlin, you shouldn’t miss a regular visit to the #ki-berlin portal. On this platform Berlin Partner and the ICT, Media and Creative Economy Cluster keep you in touch with the latest events, network the community and make Artificial Intelligence made in Berlin known throughout the world.


EPIC-System of Gestalt Robotics

Keepting an overview – with the EPIC System of Gestalt Robotics
Gestalt Robotics efficient pipeline for image classification – or EPIC system for short – can instantly detect and locate a single object in a warehouse of thousands of objects, and autonomously learn new objects given just a handful of examples. Deep learning and data efficient AI technologies make this possible.

Birds on Mars founders Florian Dohmann and Klaas Bollhöfer

Birds on Mars prepares companies for the AI age with “AI Thinking”
Birds on Mars supports companies in developing strategies, structures, teams and applications at the connections of human and artificial intelligence, establishes a new kind of consulting and explores the future of creativity and work with an Artificial Muse.

founders of Solvemate

Solvemate: Digitalising Customer Support
Customer support is one of the main touchpoints companies have with customers. Despite of its important role, support typically leaves much to be desired: Many companies, even those considering themselves digital and innovative, still only offer phone and email-based customer support.

Hand, die Tablet berührt

Trevisto’s AI solutions provide an easy entry into the world of artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that brings many expectations together. For most companies, investing in an AI-based solution is initially a decision of great uncertainty. With its AI starter package, Trevisto AG offers support for the introduction of AI to a variety of industries and use cases where predictability needs to be as accurate as possible. – with little disturbance through managed resolution. In less than three months, valid results can be achieved, providing a sound basis for further integration into operational processes.