Deep Tech Fields of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber Security, the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0

TThe vibrant and successful Deep Tech Berlin hub attracts creative visionary minds from around the whole world. With their innovative business ideas, many of them have impressive success stories to tell. Especially in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, Berlin's global players, SMEs, start-ups and engineers and scientists have some considerable achievements to their name.



Artificial Intelligence: More than just hype

From chatbots in customer services to automatic text production and intelligent traffic planning, the application areas of artificial intelligence are manifold and touch on nearly every industry. The Deep Tech Berlin hub has evolved to become one of Germany's most important AI ecosystems. Particularly notable here are Berlin-based businesses in the areas of business intelligence and process management. The bandwidth covered by their solutions ranges from traditional expert systems to machine learning and voice and image recognition systems.

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Blockchain: Beyond bitcoin

Originally developed as a means to make financial transactions without involving banks, blockchain is now used to administer and verify critical data. The technology takes on the role of central instances of trust, offering a low cost decentralised alternative to government ledgers and public authentication. Furthermore, blockchain can significantly advance development of the Internet by replacing clearing houses in transactions. With the Fintech Hub H32 and its highly innovative FinTech start-ups, the Deep Tech Berlin hub is superbly well positioned for the development of blockchain. Software specialists offer the city an astonishingly large development potential in the fields of e-government, decentralised energy trading and transparent supply chains.

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Cyber Security: Berlin’s got the solutions

Hackers are using ever more sophisticated methods to gain access to confidential data. This is why the IT infrastructures of companies and public authorities need really effective technological security mechanisms. But it's not just a question of the right kind of software and hardware – users too need to be trained in the proper handling of sensitive data. Numerous firms, industry associations, and research institutes are working on a broad array of digital security solutions in the Deep Tech Berlin hub. The leading experts have joined forces in the Cyber Security Enterprise Network.

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The Internet of Things: Driving Digital Transformation

Whether it's smart homes, the cloud, wearables or factory machines, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making a mind-boggling range of things “smart” and is now touching on our private lives and not just industry. The Deep Tech Berlin hub with its IoT-Hub is superbly positioned for development of networking technologies. No other German city can boast so many incubators, accelerators and company builders in its IoT sector. In terms of research and development, the Berlin focus is squarely on complete devices, apps, IoT platforms and analytics.

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Industry 4.0: Intelligent Production

Use of digitally networking systems is heralding in the fourth industrial revolution. With IoT technologies manufacturing companies can completely intermesh their machines, warehouses and operating material, shortening, automating and individualising their whole production cycles in a way that never before was possible. The data thereby gathered helps to further refine individual stages. With its huge array of technology start-ups, the Deep Tech Berlin hub is set to take on a

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