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Solvemate: Digitalising Customer Support

Customer support is one of the main touchpoints companies have with customers. Despite of its important role, support typically leaves much to be desired: Many companies, even those considering themselves digital and innovative, still only offer phone and email-based customer support.

This has created a big gap between customer expectations and reality. An average support request takes 15 hours to be resolved; in reality customers don’t have that much patience – they expect email requests to be resolved in 1 hour and requests they submit through live chat in as little as 2 minutes.

We’re here to close that gap. Solvemate is on a mission to make customer support fast, painless, and cost-effective. Our platform allows companies across banking, technology, insurance, e-commerce, and telecoms to train their own virtual support agents, which seamlessly integrate on their websites or apps.

Support that’s always getting smarter

Customers interact with the virtual agent by answering a series of dynamically-generated multiple choice questions. Doing this enables our agents to identify the request and solve it in as little as 12 seconds.

Thanks to machine learning, the virtual agent becomes more intelligent over time. By understanding common requests, it anticipates the correct response. Support requests are dealt with automatically, around the clock, and at scale – resulting in faster response times, happier employees and customers, and much lower costs.

International focus and happier support staff

Another benefit of Solvemate’s chatbot is that it works in any language – this is because the chatbot is programmed by solvemate’s engineers to adopt any language – if a human can speak it so can our chatbot. This is a great advantage for businesses who operate in multiple markets or those who cater to markets who don’t speak the most commonly used languages such as English, German, French and Spanish.

Solvemate’s technology never sleeps which means the virtual agent is available around the clock to solve an infinite amount of requests simultaneously.

Our solution is most suitable for companies with high volumes of repetitive customer support requests, like banks, insurance companies, telcos and e-commerce companies.

Not only is that a big cost saver but it has also been shown to vastly improve employee satisfaction. By automating repetitive requests, support staff has more time to handle the requests that are best dealt with by humans, and are thus more stimulated in the workplace.

These are the requests that usually rely on empathy or complex knowledge.

Automatic data gathering for better performance

At Solvemate, we take a similar approach ourselves. Alongside our SaaS platform, we run a top-tier customer success management program that relies on a human team to constantly improve our customers’ virtual agents and overall user experience.

Our platform offers a real-time dashboard with analytics and the most valuable customer feedback. The data and feedback collected using Solvemate’s software provides companies with insights on their customer needs and saves them thousands of euros they would otherwise spend gathering feedback.

Lastly, companies gain a much better overview of the customer journey and the way in which customers interact with their product, which they can use to improve their product and customer experience. This directly improves customer retention rates and helps companies win new business.

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