Artificial Intelligence: Reference Story Trevisto

The Deep Tech Field of Expertise in Artificial Intelligence: Reference Story Trevisto

Referenzstory Trevisto AG

Trevisto’s AI solutions provide an easy entry into the world of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that brings many expectations together. For most companies, investing in an AI-based solution is initially a decision of great uncertainty. With its AI starter package, Trevisto AG offers support for the introduction of AI to a variety of industries and use cases where predictability needs to be as accurate as possible. – with little disturbance through managed resolution. In less than three months, valid results can be achieved, providing a sound basis for further integration into operational processes.

AI predicts new orders and optimizes production

At a fruit and vegetable producer in North Rhine-Westphalia, the AI supports the forecast of incoming orders a day in advance. The production of fresh convenience and delicatessen products can thus be made more efficiently in the purchase of goods and in (intermediate) production. With the additional prediction of intermediate products, production can begin immediately at the beginning of the shift with a full staff. As a result, there is less waste of cut goods with a best-before date and consequently significant cost savings.

AI provides predictions for Predictive Maintenance

In existing refrigeration systems in supermarkets, the use of AI enables considerable energy savings and at the same time, enables predictive maintenance. Measures for in-service monitoring are set up for this purpose as a prerequisite for operational optimization and early fault detection. With AI, each weak point is defined by up to 30 additional features, such as temperature, opening hours, fan speed. The Trevisto algorithm is able to predict incidents up to one week in advance. Because of this, spare parts can be order in advance and service technician assignments can be better coordinated.

AI – this is how you get started

Algorithms with AI perceive their environment, learn from their experiences and derive recommendations or actions. AI increases the efficiency of processes and the quality of analysis. This leads to cost savings, sales increases and quality improvements.

But entering the world of AI is cumbersome for many companies, as it is important to select suitable use cases and to build competencies in data analysis. Trevisto’s AI starter pack offers an easy start: At a manageable expense, companies can gain experience with the technology and AI methodology within the company in just three months. Trevisto, together with its customers, finds meaningful starting points for the use of AI and translates challenges in business into machine learning issues. The objective is to use the Trevisto automated modeling method to train a working prototype that provides insight into data and concrete results. Based on the experiences with the prototype, the best possible integration into the company is suggested.

Established approach to the introduction of AI

The Trevisto AI experts make the value-added relationships in the existing data transparent. The interpretation of the results with the departments of the companies remains the most important milestone for bringing together domain knowledge and competence in data analysis. After just three months, companies have the opportunity to estimate the effort they need to make to increase the efficiency potential in their use case. With Trevisto’s proven approach, companies interested in AI can test this technology at their company without risk at a manageable price.

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