Cyber Security: Reference Story Bundesdruckerei

The Deep Field of Expertise in Cyber Security: Reference Story Bundesdruckerei

Bundesdruckerei supports medium-sized businesses during digitisation

For many decades, Bundesdruckerei was widely known as a producer of ID cards and passports, banknotes and postage stamps. Today, Bundesdruckerei has become a highly advanced IT security company. Now digitised, Bundesdruckerei is using its own experience to advise other companies.

“For us, there was only one way forward and that was full steam ahead into digitisation,” says Ulrich Hamann, CEO of Bundesdruckerei, regarding the decision to transform the company. “It was apparent that with our traditional portfolio and traditional processes we would not be able to remain internationally competitive in the long run at our expensive location in the heart of Berlin.”
Mr Hamann had a vision: To open up the portfolio and the target groups, to pick up speed, to introduce efficient digital processes and to allow customers to benefit from the company’s own new experience.
Today, Bundesdruckerei has become completely transformed twice over. First of all, it was clear that in order to stay competitive the company would have to master its own digital transformation. This meant that the once analogue, almost public-authority-like company was transformed into a digital organisation with fast, transparent, automated and individualised processes. The most important steps in production, administration, infrastructure and logistics have already been digitised. These include, for instance, the order procedure for ID cards and passports, the company’s own solution for mobile working or the employee ID cards developed by the company that are used to manage access, record working hours, pay for meals in the canteen, activate shared printers, as well as sign and encrypt e-mails. Other areas and requirements are currently being implemented.

100% Made in Germany

Secondly, the company is now a supplier of state-of-the-art IT security solutions for governments, public authorities and private companies. Bundesdruckerei offers technologies and services ‘Made in Germany’ to protect sensitive data, communications and infrastructures. The engravers and printers of the past have now made way for cryptologists, software developers and computer scientists. Bundesdruckerei currently has around 700 national and international patent families, it employs a staff of 550 in research and development and invested around €67m in innovation work in 2016.

Based on its own experience with digitisation, Bundesdruckerei has developed practical strategies and security solutions, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. This allows Bundesdruckerei to advise medium-sized industrial companies during their digitisation. Furthermore, over the course of many decades Bundesdruckerei has made a name for itself as a reliable partner and is trusted by many when it comes to handling sensitive data and processes.

Putting a halt to security concerns

Many medium-sized companies are still hesitant where the digital transformation is concerned and shy away from the risks. Such IT security concerns are already having an impact on overall economic growth in Germany. This was found in a representative survey of around 550 IT security managers that was conducted last year by Bundesdruckerei. The survey found that every fifth company believed that it was currently losing out on sales because it was not pushing ahead with digitisation fast enough due to fears of IT security incidents; this was at least partially true for another third of the companies surveyed.
But with a sound security concept, these risks can be mastered. Bundesdruckerei’s solutions, for instance, are based on the secure identification of individuals, machines, devices and systems. “The only way that Industry 4.0 can work is if everyone and everything involved in an activity is in fact who or what they claim to be, be it human, machine or workpiece,” says Mr Hamann. Security, efficiency, data protection and compliance are the focus of Bundesdruckerei’s solutions. These solutions are not mass products, but are tailored individually with a view to a holistic security concept: from consultancy services to innovative products and solutions right through to maintenance and operation. Networking is another factor for the success of digitisation projects. Bundesdruckerei realised this many years ago and has been pursuing very successful research collaboration with regional universities and institutes, such as Freie Universität Berlin, TU Berlin and Universität der Künste, Hasso-Plattner Institute along with several Fraunhofer institutes in the metropolitan region.

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