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The Deep Tech Field of Expertise in Industry 4.0: Reference Story Industrial Analytics

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The turbomonitor manufactured by Industrial Analytics helps energy-intensive companies lower operating costs whilst also raising productivity. The turbomonitor is the name the Berlin Industry 4.0 specialist first used for its solution which monitors industrial plants far more reliably than other maintenance systems.

Oil refineries, chemical plants and power stations all use the turbomachine as a key component in their processes. Even though their highly complex machines are not very susceptible to faults, a malfunction can cause them to close down completely for several days or even weeks – which can be prohibitively expensive for the companies concerned This is why decision-makers with an eye to the future will move to using continual comprehensive monitoring of their turbomachines. And this is why Industrial Analytics has developed its turbomonitor which has already garnered numerous awards.

For example, the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises and the IT industry association SIBB e. V. gave the prestigious Deep Tech Award to Industrial Analytics for its turbomonitor in April of this year. In 2018 the Industry 4.0 specialist also won the Siemens Mindsphere Developer Challenge. These awards don’t come for nothing: nearly all the engineers at Industrial Analytics have spent many years working with a global player in turbomachines and are now closely cooperating on the (advanced) development of the turbomonitor with the renowned Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam.

Implementing the Turbomonitor

Industrial Analytics collaborates with the customer to identify which sensor data are available for the monitoring and which sensors need to be upgraded. As a rule these are vibration sensors for analysis of vibrations and structure-borne sound at the stress points of the machine. This data can give early warning of upcoming failure.

The edge device manufactured by Industrial Analytics the Turbonode – captures the machine data and also pre-processes the large amounts of data generated by the high sampling rate. Only in this way can data be efficiently stored and analysed in real-time. The pre-processed data are either fed into the existing IT infrastructure or uploaded to a cloud solution. The most common platform providers in the industrial environment include: OSIsoft PI, SAP IoT, IBM Watson IoT and Siemens Mindsphere.

Then the core of the turbomonitor springs into action – the AI solution which continually processes the data stream. Engineers feed the data measured into a digital twin based on physical models of machine and the medium supported by the machine monitored. This enables even operational changes to be so well modelled that reliable detection of impending failure is possible with no false alarms and unknown system parameters can be calculated. The condition-based maintenance systems of other manufacturers are largely based exclusively on adaptive algorithms that need to be trained for each change in process conditions and also give false alarms which come at a high price for operators.

Special Solutions for Turbomachines

Apart from special analysis, Industrial Analytics also supports companies with a broad range of special solutions. The Industry 4.0 specialist offers dynamic simulation for the design and restructuring of turbocompaction processes. In this way companies can avoid subsequent delays and modification which generally come at a very high cost. In terms of the evaluation of machine test stands, Industrial Analytics helps manufacturers with an individually customised package of software and hardware solutions. These solutions are also used to evaluate machine performance for the operators of refineries, chemical plants and power stations. And when it comes to discovering potential energy savings during the operations of existing plants, the engineers of Industrial Analytics with their know-how can also be of assistance.

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Photo: Dr. Robert Strube, Industrial Analytics IA GmbH